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Feb 14, 2019

Houston Chronicle investigative reporter John Tedesco breaks down research he and a team of Chronicle and San Antonio Express-News reporters have done into an alarming number of sex abuse allegations and convictions against Southern Baptist Church leaders and volunteers. Find more details at

Feb 7, 2019

San Antonio Express-News education reporter Krista Torralva breaks down the details of a new lawsuit alleging the North East Independent School District didn't do enough following the cyberbulling of a 14 year old other students falsely accused of planning a school shooting. Find more details at

Jan 31, 2019

San Antonio Express-News general assignment reporter Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje has info on new data that shows while the number of families under the poverty line has decreased, more and more San Antonians are unable to afford basic necessities. Find more details at

Jan 24, 2019

San Antonio Express-News immigration reporter Silvia Foster-Frau breaks down her research into how the U.S.-Mexico border is far more militarized, fortified and complicated than many Americans know. Find more details at

Jan 18, 2019

San Antonio Express-News minority affairs reporter Elaine Ayala describes what it was like for those in attendance at San Antonio's first presidential campaign announcement, and what it means to have a home-grown San Antonian make a run for the White House. Find more details at