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Jun 20, 2019

Express-News education reporter Liz Teitz has details on the indictments of four former La Vernia High School students for allegedly engaging in organized criminal activity. Find more details at

Jun 13, 2019

Express-News business reporter Patrick Danner breaks down the eclectic life story and prized possessions of collector extraordinaire Charles Trois, a man who now finds himself without the cash funds necessary to keep his Enchanted Rock estate. Find more details at

Jun 6, 2019


Express-News staff writer René Guzman breaks down the history and significance of millennial housing hotspot West Euclid, hip East Euclid, and the area of the street that contains some of San Antonio’s best-known gay bars. Find more details at 

May 30, 2019

Express-News immigration reporter Silvia Foster-Frau has details on her investigation into the hardships transgender migrants face as they travel to the US to seek asylum. Find more details at

May 22, 2019

Express-News reporters Joshua Fechter and Madison Iszler break down how a 2014 John L. Santikos donation of real estate and movie theaters to charity has led to millions in gifts, as well as a headache over how to control and run the assets. Find more details at